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    At Meredith Dairy we're passionate about Australian family business, our animals, sustainable farming, and creating beautiful healthy products that taste great.

    photo of Yoghurt


    Our natural pot set sheep and goat milk yoghurts taste as yoghurt should—fresh, thick, creamy and delicious.

    photo of Fresh Cheese

    Fresh Cheese

    Our fresh goat cheeses are delicate and wonderfully creamy with a subtle citrus tang and a soft, spreadable texture.

    photo of Marinated Cheese

    Marinated Cheese

    Our cubes of soft goat cheese are blended in a marinade with olive oil, peppercorns, fresh thyme and garlic.

    Our Vision & Mission

    To produce food sustainably

    Grow food, raise animals, produce milk and make accessible, quality dairy products. We will tread lightly on this earth, allowing the environment and our community to flourish.

    From our farm

    We make all our products on our 4,500 acre family farm, located 120km west of Melbourne, Victoria. We nurture our animals and land, milk daily and use only the freshest milk to make consistently high quality products.

    Sustainability statement

    We work to ensure that our farm and dairy is here for the next generation. Looking after the community, our people and our natural environment is fundamental to our everyday business practice.