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Our aim is to pass on to the next generation a business that is economically viable, environmentally sustainable and part of a vibrant rural community.

Meredith Dairy has been recognised with the 2019 Royal Agricultural Society of NSW President's Medal

“Winning such a prestigious award has been an enormous honour. The President’s Medal win is acknowledgment of the enormous work and effort by our Meredith Dairy team. We are proud to be part of a growing enthusiasm for Australian agribusiness, especially innovative food production from paddock to plate. Matching the growing demand for our specialty products with sustainability responsibilities has been challenging, so it is really fantastic to be recognised for meeting these challenges.”

Julie and Sandy Cameron, Meredith Dairy - 13th Annual President's Medal Winner

Environmental Sustainability

Lowering our impact on the natural ecology.

Social & Ethical Responsibility

Conducting our business ethically and in harmony with the community.

Economic Sustainability

Being financially responsible.

Our Sustainability Projects

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Growing Food Sustainably

Green Power & Waste Management

Conservation & Landcare

Social & Ethical Responsibility