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    We live on a beautiful farm and want to keep it this way. We maintain its beauty by investing in technology, sustainable farming and maintaining a high level of environmental management.

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    Photo for Paddock Trees: Hollows and Habitats blog
    Conservation & Landcare

    Paddock Trees: Hollows and Habitats

    Due to my growing interest for Australian native plants, I was given a small book on Eucalyptus trees....

    Photo for The Golden Hour blog
    Conservation & Landcare

    The Golden Hour

    September 1st is the first day of spring. It is also “National Wattle Day”. Wattle is the first...

    Photo for Before & After blog
    Conservation & Landcare

    Before & After

    While reading Mary Akers history of Narmbool (Hold Fast the Heritage 2010), I was curious to learn the...