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    We grew up on farms and always wanted to be farmers...

    Our Story

    We grew up on farms and always wanted to be farmers, turning over the soil, growing food and raising animals. Sandy trained as a vet and I was working as an intensive care nurse. We took the plunge and left our jobs to work as full time farmers in Meredith.

    In 1991, traditional farming was in turmoil and the price of wool and farming commodities became uncertain. To survive on the land we needed to be innovative and add value to our farm produce. We love food, so we decided to milk sheep, then goats, to make cheese and yoghurts.
    Meredith Dairy was born.

    Our love of the land and country life ensures Meredith Dairy has a positive impact on our natural world and the local community. The land provides for us, so we need to protect and improve it for future generations.

    Today, our vision is for our farm to contribute to a sustainable world.

    Sandy & Julie Cameron
    Meredith, Victoria, Australia

    Our Vision & Mission

    To produce food sustainably

    Grow food, raise animals, produce milk and make accessible, quality dairy products. We will tread lightly on this earth, allowing the environment and our community to flourish.

    Our Team

    Meredith Dairy is a vertically integrated company; we own and control our own supply chain. Consequently, we have a diverse and talented team with a broad range of varied skills. However, what we have in common is our vision of contributing to a sustainable world, through our shared values of teamwork, perseverance, maximum effort and continuous improvement.

    Our Goats

    Our goats are happy and healthy. They enjoy a vibrant social life, a nutritious diet with access to shelter and fresh straw in their open-walled sheds.

    Our Sheep

    Our sheep roam the pastures around the dairy, they have a woolly coat and are naturally hardy. This protects them from the elements so they don’t need bedding or sheds. This nomadic lifestyle fertilises the paddocks and regenerates the soil.