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    Meet Murray

    Written by Rachel Lewis-Gray

    Photo for the Meet Murray blog

    Meet Murray

    Meet Murray. He has been the Cropping and Pastures Manager at Meredith Dairy since 2012. Hailing from Winchelsea as a trained fitter and turner, he started off as a contractor for MD after trying to sell Sandy some hay for his goats. Although they didn’t like the hay much, Sandy did take a liking to Murray and eventually called him up and offered him a full-time role. Since then, Murray has been fighting our war on slugs and helping Sandy develop long-term, sustainable farming practises.

    When asked what he likes most about working at the dairy, Murray said “it’s great to work somewhere that is so aesthetically pleasing” and that “Sandy is good to work for nowadays” with a cheeky grin. He also talked about how Sandy and Julie aren’t all just about profit. They are about implementing longer term systems that will stand the test of time. He often gets flak from other guys telling him they are doing it all wrong, but he poignantly points out that although that may be the case for right now, we will be better off in the future.

    “It’s not all about a quick buck. We hardly use insecticide; we don’t do any burning and we have full stubble retention.”

    I asked him if he had a recommendation for anyone who wanted to get into farming, and without a second’s thought and a glint in his eye he simply said “Don’t”.