Our aim is to pass on to the next generation a business that is economically viable, environmentally sustainable and part of a vibrant rural community.

Our Goals

  • Environmental, social and economic sustainability.

The Environment

Meredith Dairy is located at Meredith in Victoria, Australia approximately 100km west of Melbourne. Along with Dairying, the farm grows wheat, barley and other grains for the dairy animals.

Note: Meredith Dairy does not grow GMO crops.

On our farm there are remnant native grasslands, Australian native bush, and wetlands. These areas are protected within the boundaries of the farm. Tree plantations & revegetation of native plants have been established to shelter stock and promote biodiversity. Biodiversity surveys have identified significant flora & fauna including; Kangaroos, koalas, platypus, numerous birds and reptiles as well as vulnerable or endangered native plants.

The Cameron family are acutely aware of climate change and its consequences. Farm activities must be sustainable to ensure the dairy remains viable.

Conservation activities include:

  • Annual tree planting program. This promotes biodiversity as well as faciliates C02 sequestration.
  • No till cropping, direct drill sowing of crops, stubble retention & control traffic prevents soil compaction, retains moisture, promotes organic material, soil microbes & wind erosion.
  • Monitor & replenish soil nutrients.
  • Rotate plantings of clovers & Lucerne which promote soil fertility.
  • Purchase green power and use renewable Biofuel (when available).
  • Solar hot water systems.
  • Stock rotation and exclusion from sensitive landscapes eg waterways.
  • Monitor via surveys of biodiversity, stream quality & Carbon consumption.
  • Other

Landscape recovery at Meredith Dairy

Before (2000) & after photo (Aug 2009), indicating extensive restoration work including; cessation of erosion and weed control, revegetation of escarpment & waterways, stock laneways & exclusion areas, improved pasture & ground cover on flood plains, improved stream quality and promotion of biodiversity.

Creek Valley Restoration

Rare & endangered native plants & animals.

The Community