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    Poached Rhubarb and Orange with Pistachios and Goat Curd

    These delicious ingredients make for a wonderfully different seasonal dessert. All the colour and goodness of rhubarb and orange only needs the addition of Meredith Dairy Fresh Goat Curd to bring it to life.

    Serves 4 people


    • 1 Bunch Rhubarb, Trimmed, Washed And Cut Into 5cm Lengths
    • 2 Oranges, Peeled And Segmented
    • Finely Grated Zest Of One Orange
    • 1/2 Cup Fresh Orange Juice
    • 1/4 Cup Brown Sugar
    • 1 Vanilla Bean, Split, And Seeds Scraped Out
    • 2tsp Orange Blossom Water
    • 200g Meredith Dairy Fresh Goat Curd
    • 2tbsp Chopped Pistachios
    • Crisp Sweet Biscuits To Serve


    • Step 1 In a small pan with a tight fitting lid, place the rhubarb, orange zest, juice, brown sugar, vanilla bean and seeds.
    • Step 2 Bring to a gentle simmer with the lid on, cook for 2 minutes, then remove pan from the heat, take off lid and cool.
    • Step 3 When cool, add orange blossom water, and combine gently with orange segments.
    • Step 4 Serve topped with a generous spoonful of goat curd, scattered with pistachio nuts and a crisp sweet biscuit on the side.

    Products Used

    • Photo of Natural Goat Milk YOGHURT Probiotic Natural Goat Milk YOGHURT | Probiotic