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At Meredith we have a range of our products available in food service sizes for restaurants, cafes & catering.

Photo of Marinated Goat Cheese 2KG

Marinated Cheese

Marinated Goat Cheese 2KG

Soft spreadable cubes of fresh goat cheese, marinated in blended Australian extra virgin olive oil, garlic, peppercorns and herbs. Meredith Dairy’s goat cheese can be the champion, or a real team player, in any dish. It compliments lamb, chicken, roasted vegetables, pasta, salads or pizzas.
Best before: 8 months from make date

Fresh Goat Curd

Fresh Goat Curd 1KG

The fresh curd, just separated from the whey, has a mild, clean flavour with just a subtle hint of citrus. Made just hours after milking, only the best and freshest milk is used to make this cheese. Meredith Dairy’s Fresh Curd is available unsalted or salted. We also make a fresh unsalted Sheep Milk Curd.
Primary packaging: 1kg tub
Best before: 4 weeks from make date

*All product specifications are available on request

Photo of Fresh Goat Cheese CHÈVRE 1KG

Fresh Cheese

Fresh Goat Cheese CHÈVRE 1KG

Meredith Dairy Chèvre tastes fresh and clean, is soft textured, pure white and very versatile. The crisp, citric flavours are attributed to our on farm milk supply, processed when just hours old.
A perfect match with pumpkin, beetroot, caramelized
onions, tomatoes, rocket, fruit pastes, potatoes ...anything!
Primary packaging: 1kg block | Best before: 3 months from make date


Natural Pot Set Sheep & Goat Milk Yoghurts

Meredith Dairy yoghurt is the real thing, the way natural yoghurt is meant to be: pure, unhomogenised, creamy, rich and thick. Our yoghurt is free of added sugar, preservatives, thickeners and artificial flavours.
Primary packaging: 1kg, 500g tub
Best before: 7 weeks from make date

Photo of Fresh Goat Cheese CHÈVRE 1KG Pepperberry

Fresh Cheese

Fresh Goat Cheese CHÈVRE 1KG Pepperberry

Fresh Goat Cheese with Australian Native Pepperberry is a perfect combination and a unique Australian bush food experience.
This seasonally available Goat Cheese, has a sweetness yet subtle peppery note, perfect on a cheese platter or in a savoury or sweet dish.

Wholesale Enquiries

Meredith Dairy products are available Australia-wide and internationally.
For orders please contact one of our representatives.

  • Victoria & Tasmania

    CA Parisi 0407 479 551
  • New South Wales & ACT

    Tania Prasad 0434 480 261
  • South Australia & Northern Territory

    Tania Prasad 0434 480 261
  • Queensland

    Kosta Patrinos 0447 401 698
  • Western Australia

    Rugby Wilson 0428 101 411
  • Corporate Retail

    Gail Merygold 0421 438 656
  • USA

    Ian Griffith (925)389-3280
  • International Sales

    Rugby Wilson +61 428 101 411