Our Mission

To provide quality-minded customers with reasonably priced, excellent sheep and goat milk products, made in a socially and environmentally responsible business; from milk produced according to leading standards of environmental management and animal husbandry.

Meredith Dairy is an on-farm enterprise, milking sheep and goats year-round to make specialty cheeses and yoghurts. Our products are sold throughout Australia and exported around the world.

Up until 1990 farming at Meredith focused on beef, prime lamb and wool production. When the reserve price for wool was discontinued in the 1990s, the sheep industry collapsed. To stay viable it was necessary to search for alternative farming systems, in particular, options that involved value-adding primary produce and which offered a sustainable income, irrespective of global commodity prices.

The owners, Sandy & Julie Cameron extensively researched animal husbandry, sheep and goat milk production and cheesemaking techniques. Two years later the Meredith Dairy factory was built on the farm. The farming activities now concentrate on supply of inputs for the dairy animals including growing grains and fodder.

Sandy, a qualified Veterinarian who received his doctorate in philosophy in 1985, has focused his research in sheep & goat reproduction, particularly in year-round production. Ongoing research and development enable continual improvement to farming systems, final products and sustainability.



Grand Dairy Award


DIAA Products Award


Brisbane Cheese Awards 2011

International Cheese Awards

Aus Specialist Cheese Makers Award

Vogue Entertainer Dairy Produce Award

Victorian Farm Entrepreneur 97

Victorian Farmers Federation Rural Achiever 2001

RAS Farm Business of the Year 2006

Primary Industry Sustainability Farming Award 2009

Finalist in NAB Agribusiness Awards 2009

Finalist Presents Medal 2014